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Project Green Brain

I'm working with a team of researchers to build a computational model of the honeybee brain. My personal focus is on higher-level cognition.

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Computational Biology

Computer science and biology combine beautifully. I'm researching how mathematical models can replicate behaviour seen in real biological experiments.

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I'm a total robot enthusiast, because robots are awesome and they give us the capability of testing embodied cognition.

Current Research

I am a second year postgraduate researcher completing a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. James Marshall, Dr. Eleni Vasilaki and Prof. Kevin Gurney; within the Computational Biology research group and part of the Green Brain project at the University of Sheffield.

I am currently researching biologically constrained models of decision-making. In researching these models I take inspiration from collective decision-making (for example, some behaviours seen in house-hunting honeybees) and apply it to individual models. The parallels between neurons in the brain and the biological 'units' that form a hive (or similar) are striking. My future research may touch upon the role of dopaminergic neurons in the bee brain and, eventually, the role of the central complex.

Previous Research

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a first class degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. My dissertation was a research project on the uncanny valley; a phenomenon which emerges in some individuals when they obeserve a robot that looks particularly human. I will be presenting this work at the International Conference on Social Robotics in Sydney this October.

In Summer 2013 I was given the opportunity to work with the child-like humanoid robot 'Zeno'; a robot developed by Hanson Robotics. I essentially set him up for use by others in the department, including future students, and this also entailed producing concise documentation. There are a few videos out there on YouTube that feature our departmental Zeno, you should definitely check them out:

Promo » EU EASEL » Kinect demo »

Other interests

In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, attempting art with charcoal, reading books of various genres, keeping fit at the gym, bouldering and climbing, web development, gaming and kicking back with friends. This year I'd like to learn how to make cocktails. I am always in the process of learning Japanese.

Random Poster Showcase

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Kroto Research Poster Presentation; July 2014